Erasmus Learning Agreement Table B

Erasmus Learning Agreement Table B: A Guide for International Students

Erasmus is a renowned exchange program designed to provide international students with a unique opportunity to study in different European countries. The program was developed with the aim of enhancing cross-cultural communication and academic excellence. As an international student, you will need to complete an Erasmus Learning Agreement (LA) to participate in the program. One crucial aspect of the LA is Table B.

Table B defines the list of course units or modules you will be studying at your host institution. It comprises the academic activities you will undertake during your exchange program, including the course code, course title, and other essential details. Here is a comprehensive guide on how to complete Table B of the Erasmus Learning Agreement.

Start by understanding your academic requirements

Before you start completing Table B, you need to understand your academic requirements. You need to identify the courses you will be studying while in your host institution and ensure that they align with your academic goals. Your home institution will provide you with necessary information regarding the courses you need to take. You can also research your host institution`s website to familiarize yourself with their courses.

Understand the grading system

Different institutions have different grading systems. Therefore, it is essential to understand your host institution`s grading system before selecting the courses you want to study. The grading system will affect your transcript and GPA, which will be sent back to your home institution. Understanding the grading system will help you choose the right courses and ensure that you get the credit transfer you need.

Choose your courses

After understanding your academic requirements and the grading system, you can now choose the courses you want to take. Ensure that the courses align with your academic goals and meet your home institution`s requirements. When selecting courses, remember to consider the course level, language of instruction, and the number of ECTS credits.

Fill in Table B

Once you have identified the courses, it`s time to fill in Table B. You need to include the course code, course title, ECTS credits, and the language of instruction. Ensure that the information you provide is accurate to avoid errors that could delay your credit transfer.

Get approval

After completing Table B, it`s essential to get the approval of your home institution`s study advisor. The study advisor will verify that the courses meet the academic requirements and ensure that you get the credit transfer you need.

In conclusion, Erasmus Learning Agreement Table B is a crucial aspect of the exchange program for international students. As an international student, you need to ensure that you complete Table B accurately to avoid errors that could affect your academic progress. By understanding your academic requirements, the grading system, and choosing your courses carefully, you will have a successful exchange program.

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